A concurrence of circumstances brought new meaning to ANIMAGE in 2021. For this year the festival embraces the blended screening, with most of its program available on the internet, besides in-person screening, in symbolic character, with reduced audience, besides other safety and sanitary measures.

This is the festival’s first oficial edition after its abrupt interruption prompted by Covid-19. In the first semester of 2021 there was a virtual return, with a special, alternative and reduced program screened on the web.

This October, ANIMAGE comes back with its full program and, following all protocols, also screens five in-person projections, which will only be possible due to the reopening of the Parque Theater, a beautiful and historical venue located in Recife’s downtown, freshly refurbished and refitted for audiovisual activities.

This ANIMAGE’s edition is remarkable because it represents the reunion with the audience. Also symbolizes the reopening of the Parque Theater for exhibitions of a movie festival, a moment that Recife’s audience waited patiently for.

It’s true that not everyone will be able to be present in-person, once only part of the audience space will be used. On other hand, a large digital program may be broadly and freely accessed by all.

ANIMAGE’S execution is a gesture of hope and expectation of better days for all, a craving expressed by the limitless creative possibilities that lie in the art of animation.

We dedicate the festival to characters such as Joel Datz, the “Brother Event”, an icon of Recife’s cultural events who will live forever in our memories and records.

ANIMAGE is held by Rec-Beat Produções and Leão Produções.

The screenings will be available only for Brazilian territory.

You can enjoy our Masterclasses, Talks and Interviews on youtube.com/festivalanimageoficial

How to arrive? Teatro Parque Rua da Aurora, 325 SL 202 - Boa Vista. - Recife / PE