12 October | 16h Iberoamerican Network Animation

In this meeting, aspects of Ibero-American animation such as creation, production and circulation and the role played by Brazil in this territory will be discussed. Professional representatives of animation film events from Argentina, Mexico and Spain who have joined together to form La Liga de La Animación Iberoamericana and network to strengthen Ibero-American animation production, together with the president of ABCA, participate in the activity. and the director of ANIMAGE.

Activity carried out in partnership with ABCA – Brazilian Association of Animation Cinema


Silvina Cornillón – Animation Coordinator! Ventana Sur (ARG)

José Luis Farias – Director – Premios Quirino de La Animación Iberoamericana (ESP)

José Iñesta – Founder and Director – Pixelatl Festival (MEX)

Nara Aragão – President of ABCA (BRA)

Mediator: Antonio Gutierrez – Director of the ANIMAGE Festival (BRA)

How to arrive? Teatro Parque Rua da Aurora, 325 SL 202 - Boa Vista. - Recife / PE