14 October | 18h Studio Monströös: Projects & Philosophy

Monströös stands for fun and diverse animation as well as selected narrative content. Since its founding in 2017, the Berlin-based animation studio has become one of the most important on the German animation scene and has received several awards.

In addition to producing animated films, the team of six animation directors and a composer set a standard for building Monströös as a company that lives up to the values of its team members.

In the studio’s presentation, founder Rike Rothe talks about behind the scenes of an in-house animation production, presents the studio’s project work processes, and talks about the motivations and learning processes of organizing an independent studio.

This activity is the result of an important partnership with the General Consulate of Germany in Recife.

How to arrive? Teatro Parque Rua da Aurora, 325 SL 202 - Boa Vista. - Recife / PE