15 October | 16h André Abujamra and Luciano Lagares

Interview with musician André Abujamra and director Luciano Lagares about the release of the feature Emidoinã, which debuts on the ANIMAGE program on October 9th. In the saga, André Abujamra is Iskandar, a character determined to find the lost secret that establishes the link between humanity and nature.

The film is part of the audiovisual project started with the album Emidoinã – A Alma de Fogo, nominated for a Latin Grammy.

André Abujamra is a singer, composer, guitarist, percussionist, pianist, music producer, actor, theater and film director. Alongside Maurício Pereira, André was also part of the duo Os Mulheres Negras in the 1980s. In 1994, he debuted as leader, guitarist and vocalist for the band Karnak, where his debut album was considered by the American magazine Rolling Stones among the best releases of the 1990s. His solo album projects include O Infinito de Pé (2004), Mafaro ( 2010), The Witch Man (2015), Omindá (2018) and Emidoinã (2020). He also makes time for his experimental projects like AbcyÇwÖk, Fat Marley and Turk

Luciano Lagares is a screenwriter, author, director, producer, illustrator and visual artist. Many of his works have won awards at festivals such as Cannes, Ojo Iberoamericano, Festival De New York, Clio Awards and several Brazilian advertising festivals. He is a founding partner of Openthedoor Studios, one of the most important storyboard and commercial animatics producers in Brazil. He wrote and directed the animated short film Drawing Life (2018), selected, finalist and awarded in several festivals in Brazil and around the world.

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