ANIMAGE announces the award-winning films

October 17, 2021.


We are pleased to announce the short films awarded at the Competitive Screening 2021 of Animage – 11th International Animation Festival of Pernambuco.

This year the jury was formed by Bárbara Oliveira, Léa Zaguri and Renata Pinheiro.

Follow the awards in each category!


Best Short Film – Great Animage Award – Bestia, by Hugo Covarrubias (Chile)

Jury Justification: “Bestia presented an unique sensitivity in all the decisions that make an animation movie, expressing the oppression theme in such an effective way in its cinematographic language, sound control, art direction and script that it was lodged, as a bullet, in our minds. Intense, scary and unforgettable.”


Best Children’s Short Film- La Source des Montagnes, by Adrien Communier, Camille Di DioI, Benjamin Francois, Pierre Gorichon, Briag Mallat and Marianne Moisy (France)

Jury Justification: “La Source des Montagnes is a film with an unique joy, conveying a history with such strong imagination that it could’ve come from a child’s mind. Vibrant and fun at it’s pace, tone and color, we fell for its inner and outer beauty.”


Best Brazilian Short Film – Carne, by Camila Kater (Brazil)

Jury Justification: “A brilliant short film for the Brazilian female experiences representation. We thought that the film’s artistic expression was on point with the narratives of the women represented, making the film much more powerful in its message and execution.”


Best Direction – GENIUS LOCI, by  Adrien Mérigeau (France)

Jury Justification: “This is a film with visual and musical poetry, it brings an original story about abandonment, focus, distraction and destruction. The scenes flow in constant motion where words lose their meanings. The impact, by the provocative and original narrative, by the art direction and soundtrack, surprised us. OBS: The film concept as well as its soundtrack were inspired by John Cage’s work.”


Best Screenplay- Just a Guy, by Shoko Hara (Germany)

Jury Justification: : The script of Just a Guy impressed us for its careful and very articulated approach when telling the story of three women who had a romantic relation with a convicted serial killer, however, without glamorizing the crime nor making any moral judgement of these women.”


Best Art Direction – Moutons, Loup et Tasse de Thé…, by Marion Lacourt (France)

Jury Justification: “This film’s art direction impressed us by being incredibly appropriate for its story’s nature. The rituals and summonings, the characters, the scenery and fantastic worlds are represented as dreams with illustration/painting style applied to it. The art was developed by the movie director herself, who is an illustrator.”


Best Animation Technique – Machini, by Frank Mukunday and Trésor Tshibangu (Congo)

Jury Justification: “Machini impressed us by the force of its technical expression and how it links itself with the film’s temathic. We acknowledge the innovation of the materials used, the technical ability to subtly animate such rough elements, as the stones that represent the character’s bodies, but also the poetry in the choosing of such materials to express the film’s political message.”


Best Sound Mixing – Affairs of the Art, by Joanna Quinn (England/Canada)

Jury Justification: “It’s always delightful to watch Joanna Quinn’s short films for it’s animation quality, but also for the humour of her characters. We highlight that the sound mixing was impeccable and enhanced even more the hilarious drama between the characters.”


Honorable Mention: Tapajós: Uma Breve História da Transformação de um Rio, by Alan Schvarsberg and Cícero Fraga (Brazil)

Jury Justification: “This film gets the Honorable Mention by its technical and artistic quality, along with the importance of its informative and telltale content. With a screenplay that gives voice to the Mirituba dwellers, a small village in Pará’s countryside, the film is an important documentary that informs, with fairness, the process of occupation of the soy exportation ports in the heart of Amazônia.”


ABCA – Brazilian Association of Animation Cinema –  AWARD

Best Brazilian Short Movie – ABCA Choice – Jeorge Pereira Award – Carne, by Camila Kater

Jury Justification: “The ABCA Award was given to Carne, by director Camila Kater, who besides being raw, rare, medium rare, medium well and well done – executed a genius synthesis! She talks to and about women of all ages and bodies. A slap in the face of the old-fashioned and square evangelicals who haunt Brazil today. Despite being released in 2020, its screening at ANIMAGE is amazingly in sync with Bolsonaro’s veto of the free distribution of sanitary pads. Beyond all of its narrative merits, the movie is technically brave, delicate and very well executed, with various techniques and visual experiments. Impeccable!”


Honorable Mention of the ABCA Jury – Foi Assim e Foi Assado, by Chia Beloto

Jury Justification: “We offer an honorable mention to the series Foi Assim e Foi Assado, by the animator and movie maker Chia Beloto, by its smart and powerful message, built from simple things, and for presenting a rich and playful universe for kids. It entertains children as well as adults.

In an universe made of second hand material, we slowly realize that both characters are black and live in a slum like place, however there is no cliché, and any person can relate. The direction is excellent, and the production has the hold of technique and aesthetic.

With a sensitive hold of time and space, the animation and art direction present themselves confident with their power, as goddesses of a universe filled with details. Resulting in a cohesive, consistent and utterly creative work. The sound mixing is also really effective, not only used as a filler, it proposes and interacts.”

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