ANIMAGE announces the short films selected for its Competitive Screening at its 10th Edition

Animage – International Animation Festival of Pernambuco, which will hold its 10th edition between October 10 and 20, announced on Thursday the short films selected for its Competitive Screening.

This year the festival has received over 800 subscriptions for the Competitive Screening, from which 77 short films from 30 countries were selected.

“We reached the mark of ten years of this festival as one of the bigger animation festivals in the country. The number of subscriptions, coming from all over the world, attests that Animage is already part of the circuit of the great animation festivals, “ says Antonio Gutierrez, Animage’s creator.

This years Competitive Screening of ANIMAGE gathers recent productions and awards its best films at the following categories: Best Short Film – Animages Great Award, Best Children’s Short Film, Best Brazilian Short Film and Audience Award. It also includes Best Direction, Screenplay, Production Design, Technical and Sound.

This year’s selection received National and International short films, with various animation techniques, produced from 2018 on. The definition of the awarded ones is made by an expert jury, but the audience also participates on the choosing that defines the winner of the “Audience Award” category.

“The short film selection reassures that Animage has its own programming style, which is very original, focusing on creativity, freedom, oriented on the authorship and technical experimentation. There are also films that were awarded at the biggest festivals of the world, and also many surprises”, observes Júlio Cavani, Animage’s curator.

Check out the list of the selected ones: 

 Deepness of The Fry, by August Niclasen (Denmark, 2019, 4′) 

Give me a French fessée, by Lucas Ansart, Laura Passalacqua, Loïck Piton and Camille Sallan (France, 2018, 2′)

A Double Life, by Studio Job, Joris & Marieke (Netherlands, 2018, 3′)

Big{foot} Love, by Alessia Cecchet and Joshua Dean Tuthill (Italy, 2019, 1′)

Portrait of Suzanne, by Izabela Plucinska (Germany, 2019, 15′)

Yek Digar, by Sarah Tabibzadeh (Iran, 2019, 16′)

Rīgas Ceriņi, by Lizete Upite (France, 2019, 14′)

Tio Tomás, A Contabilidade dos Dias, by Regina Pessoa (Portugal, 2019, 13′)

Udahnut Zivot, by Ivana Bosnjak, Thomas Johnson (Croatia, 2019, 13′)

Bloomers, by Samantha Moore (United Kingdom, 2019, 10′)

Elu24, by Kristjan Holm (Estonia, 2019, 9′)

The Flood Is Coming, by Gabriel Böhmer (United Kingdom, 2018, 9′)

Kingdom, by Wei Keong Tan (Singapore, 2018, 6′)

Story, by Jola Bańkowska (Polland, 2019, 5′)

Bloto, by Alicja Blaszczynska (Poland, 2018, 13′)

Poetika Anima, by Kriss Sagan (Slovakia, 2018, 6′)

Circuit, by Delia Hess (Switzerland, 2018, 9′)

Selfies, by Claudius Gentinetta (Switzerland, 2018, 4′)

Asilo Esperanza, by José Navarro (Chile, 2019, 5′)

Fuenf, by Peter Kaboth (Germany, 2019, 7′)

Almost There, by Nelly Michenaud (United Kingdom, 2019, 9′)

Black Hole, by Rutger Van de Wiel (Netherlands, 2019, 2′)

Stress, by Simon Dauchy, Tom Delforge, Antoine Wilmot, Théo Mechref, Julien Delcroix (France, 2018, 4′)

The Opposites Game, by Anna Samo + Lisa LaBracio (United States, 2019, 5′)

Who Are You?, by Julio Pot (Chile, 2018, 14′)

Récit de Soi, by Géraldine Charpentier (Belgium, 2018, 5′)

Love Me, Fear Me, by Veronica Solomon (Germany, 2018, 7′)

Mémorable, by Bruno Collet (France, 2019, 12′)

Toomas Beneath The Valley Of The Wild Wolves, by Chintis Lundgren (Estonia, Croatia e France, 2019, 16′)

Per Tutta La Vita, Roberto Catani (Italy/France, 2018, 5′)

The Juggler, by Skirmanta Jakaité (Lithuania/France, 2018, 11′)

The Ostrich Politic, by Mohammad HouHou (France, 2018, 8′)

Sangro, by Tiago Minamisawa, Bruno H Castro and Guto BR (Brazil, 2019, 8′)

Monsters Walking, by Diego Porral (Spain, 2018, 2′)

Sono un Poeta, Cara, by Vincenzo Gioanola (Italy, 2019, 5′)

Patchwork, by María Manero Muro (Spain, 2018, 9′)

Não Moro Mais Aqui, by Laura de Araújo (Brazil, 2019, 10′)

Le Refuge de l’Écureuil Roux, by Chaitane Conversat (France, 2018, 14′)

Purpleboy, by Alexandre Siqueira (Portugal, 2019, 14′)

Wild West Compressed, by Christian Kaufmann (Germany, 2019, 3′)

Pulsión, by Pedro Casavecchia (Argentina, 2019, 8′)

O Muro Era Muito Alto, by Marão (Brazil, 2018, 4′)

Grand Bassin, de Héloïse Courtois, Chloé Plat, Victori Jalabert and Adèle Raigneau (Poland, 2018, 7′)

Live a Little, by Jenny Jokela (United Kingdom, 2018, 4′)

Kiirehessä Liikkumatoin, by Elli Vuorinen (Finland, 2018, 7′)

Poética de Barro, by Giuliana Danza (Brazil, 2019, 6′)

Grozna Prikazka, by Radostina Neykova (Bulgary, 2018, 12′)

King Of The House, by Zige Zhang (China, 2019, 11′)

The Art of Change – Climate Change, de María Álvarez and Elisa Morais  (United Kingdom, 2018, 3′)

This Side, Other Side, by Lida Fazli (Iran, 2019, 9′)

Health Hazard, by Ansh Sirohi (Singapore, 2019, 1′)

Roughhouse, by Jonathan Hodgson (France, 2018, 16′)

Drawing Life, by Luciano Lagares (Brazil, 2019, 13′)

Selvageria, by Guy Chaneaux (Brazil, 2018, 3′)

The Flounder, by Elizabeth Hobbs (United Kingdom, 2019, 7′)

Psyche, by Akimi Miyamoto (Japan, 2019, 4′)

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, by Jeanne Ruelle (Belgium, 2018, 5′)

Lost and Found, by Shimon Engel (Israel, 2019, 4′)


Dancing Frog, by Kim Jin-man (South Korea, 2018, 9′)

Gildo – Boas Maneiras, by Thomate (Brazil, 2019, 3′)

Ode à Infância, by João Monteiro e Luís Vital (Portugal, 2019, 8′)

Le Miroir, by Alban Diedrichs (France, 2018, 4′)

Como Y Porque Se Ha Esfumado Don Jose, by Ben-Avraham (Israel, 2019, 12′)

Gunpowder, by Romane Faure, Nathanael Perron, Léa Detrain, Benoît de Geyer d’Orth, Pei-Hsuan Lin and Anne-Lise Kubiak (France, 2019, 6′)

Poustet Draka, by Martin Smatana (Czech Republic, 2019, 14′)

Forglemmegei, by Katarina Lundquist (Denmark, 2019, 8′)

Et Toc, by Lucas Ansart, Solenn Barbier, Julie Paturange, Clothilde Hiron, Laura Passlacqua and Miriam Lazrak (France, 2018, 2′)

Beebox, by Cable Hardin (United States, 2018, 3′)

Hornzz, by Lena Franzz (Brazil, 2019, 5′)

Mogu&Perol, by Tsuneo Goda (Japan, 2018, 9′)

Fruits Vegetablen, by Norihiko Ito (Japan, 2019, 7′)

A Corda, Acorda, by Ana Luiza Primo, Clara Barros and Julia Nicolescu (Brazil, 2018, 1′)

Shy & Ketchup, by Teresa Romo (Chile, 2018, 4′)

KOYAA – Izmuzljivi papir, by Kolja Saksida (Slovenia, 2019, 3′)

KOYAA – Spolzko milo, by Kolja Saksida (Slovenia, 2019, 3′)

Cat Lake City, by Antje Heyn (Germany, 2019, 7′)

A Primeira Sanfonia, by Deco Santana (Brazil, 2019, 4′)