Rosana Urbes made the illustration of the Animage 2017

Who made the Animage’s art of this year is the illustrator and animator Rosana Urbes.

Rosana says that she sought inspiration from nature: “The red flowers are alive and strong in the winter of my neighborhood. Red is our blood, our life force. The illusion of life generates the dream of animation. My red flower pollinates zootrops, which pollinate films. My impulse, my call, is for our nature to prosper, our strong nature, which is of plant, of animals and of dream.”

Awarded for works like the short film Guida (from 2014, won more than 15 awards in Brazil and abroad) and with a trajectory by studios such as Disney, where she has worked in films such as Mulan, Tarzan and Asterix, Rosana stands out in the international case of animation, has won more than 70 awards including Havana Festival, TV Culture Prize and Annecy in France, the world’s leading event in the segment.