Programming: Contemporary conflicts in the 8th edition of Animage

In today’s conflicting social and political context in Brazil and the world, the option of the Festival continues to privilege boldness, the complete freedom of expression and the clearing of borders

The Animage – International Festival of Animation of Pernambuco reaches its eighth edition with content that reaffirms the cinema of animation as a powerful tool for the free debate of ideas. The Festival will take place from November 24 to December 03 in the city of Recife, with attractions distributed in CAIXA Cultural Recife, São Luiz Cinema, Cinema do Museu and Jump – Apolo 235.

This year, Animage will also bring special editions to the municipalities of Camaragibe, Arcoverde and Triunfo. There will also be special sessions at: Erem Martins Junior state school and the square Gregorio Bezerra, in the community of Santa Luzia, in the neighborhood Torre. The realization of Animage at the end of 2017 also marks the cycle of celebrating 100 years of animation in Brazil.

The diverse program, is home to visual creations by directors of the most diverse cultures and offers an accurate selection of the current world animation, includes: Competitive Screening (adult and children), Screenings and Special Sessions with exhibitions of long and short films, thematic screenings, such as the Erotic, in addition to workshops, masterclass and debate.

The awarded illustrator and animator Rosana Urbes signs the illustration of the 2017’s, which comprehends, along with the program of the year, one of the main focus of hope of Animage; love and affection should prevail on this seaquake of contradictory emotions.

Rosana will also be present in the event as a guest, being part of the jury and offering a masterclass. The festival also receives for the workshops the French Claire Sichez and Renato Duque, the director of a short film running for the Competitive Screening.

The commitment of Animage is also with the environment, and again there will be the action to distribute seeds from trees of the Atlantic Forest for the audience.

Competitive Screening – For this edition, Animage received nearly 600 registrations from 61 countries, which 88 short films from 29 countries were selected for the competition, divided into Competitive Screening and Children Competitive Screening. Films awarded in other festivals run along with revelations and new productions, with equivalent creative quality.

“The short films of the competitive screening demonstrate that the animation cinema is fully inserted in urgent artistic matters, such as the affirmation of the liberty of expression and the search for identity representativeness. There are films that confront false moralisms and defend a more plural contemporary world”, comments Júlio Cavani, curator of Animage.

The selected films for the Competitive Screening run the categories of “Best Short Film”, “Best Children Short Film”, “Best Brazilian Short Film”, “Audience Award”, which the audience participates by voting at the end of each session. There will also be awards for best direction, screenplay, art direction, technique and sound. Link meet the selected ones.

William Paiva, Rosana Urbes and Bruno Cabús compose the jury of the Competitive Screening of this 8th edition.

Feature films – The feature films of this year, all of them exhibited in Recife for the first time, represent deeper experiments of entertainment and reflection, besides every production brings its own aesthetic in the technique of animation.

Polêmicos e preocupados com mazelas morais, filmes como o iraniano Teerã Tabu, dirigido por Ali Soozandeh, e o chinês Tenha um Bom Dia, de Liu Jian, chegam ao Animage depois da passagem por prestigiados festivais e proibidos de serem exibidos em seus países de origem, devido a restrições políticas. Ambos deixarão o público atualizado com o que há de mais instigante na produção mundial.

Controversial and preoccupied with moral malaises, films like the Iranian Tehran Taboo, directed by Ali Soozandeh and the Chinese Have a Nice Day, by  Liu Jian,  arrive at Animage after the passage through prestigious festivals and being prohibited from exhibition in their countries of origin due to political restrictions. Both will leave the public up to date with what is most intriguing in the world’s production.

Also on the program, the Korean feature film, unreleased in Brazil, I’ll Just Live in Bando by Yongsun Lee, explores the existential dilemmas of mature life, the autobiographical, Torrey Pines by the American Clyde Petersen, brings much more than the hot topic about gender, and the Franco-Swiss children’s film Minha Vida de Abobrinha, by the director Claude Barras, a realistic and sensitive issue about abandonment, nominated for this year’s Oscars.


Exhibitions and Special Screenings – This year’s program of Animage also includes the Angeli Special Screening, The Killer, exhibited for the first time in the cinema, the expected Erotic Screening, Jean-François Laguionie French Special Screening, Brazil Screening, and the Monstra à Solta Screening, with a selection of Portuguese films.

The Angeli Special Screening, The Killer, directed by César Cabral for the Brazil Channel, brings a selection of six episodes inspired by the work of one of the most provocative cartoonists in Brazil, creator of the magazine “Chiclete com Banana” and characters such as the bohemian Rê Bordosa and the punk Bob Cuspe. Sketches of his comic strips transported to stop motion animation, bringing his main characters into urban themes, criticism of customs and acid humor

The Monstra à Solta Screening highlights short films from the Lisbon Animation Festival, produced in Portugal over the last three decades, in a demonstration of language matureness expressed by images.

Exhibited every year at the festival, the Erotic Screening has become one of the most expected and crowded screenings. Nudity, sexual diversity and gender representativeness are also sheltered on this edition of the Festival, prejudice free. Short films selected for the Screening bring up discussions that circle around the country nowadays.

The Jean-François Laguionie Special Screening, will pay tribute to the French animation director, exhibiting a trilogy with his feature films: L’île de Black Mór (2003), Le Tableau (2011) and Louise en Hiver (2016), this, unreleased Brazil.

The Brazil Screening will be exhibited at Cine São Luiz and Jump – Apolo 235.

Animage promotes a debate with representatives producers from Pernambuco to discuss the opportunities, difficulties and the path that the market has been taking in the State. Marcos Buccini, who has just released a book about animation in Brazil, will mediate, with the participation of Ulisses Brandão (Viu Cine), Felipe Almeida (Mr. Plot) and Marcelo Vaz (Z4 Studio).

This year, the masterclasses will be given by Rosana Urbes, about her production and creation process, sharing her long experience in animation.

Workshops – annually free workshops on different techniques of animation are offered by the Festival, seeking practical experience for children, beginners and professionals. There are three this year: Craft Puppets for Stop Motion, given by Claire Sichez, Rotoscopia para Niños with Renato Duque and Animation with Cuttings, directed by Chia Beloto and Marilia Cantuária. All workshops will be held at CAIXA Cultural Recife, between November, 27 and December 01.

Consolidated as one of the main festivals of this segment in the country, the realization of Animage is from Rec-Beat Productions, with the support of the Consulate of France, Cinematheque of France, Institut Français, CePE, Portomídia/Porto Digital, Coala Filmes,/Joaquim Nabuco Foundation and Cinema São Luiz, sponsored by CAIXA and the Federal Government.