ANIMAGE annouces the awarded ones of the Competitive Screening

ANIMAGE annouces the awarded ones of the Competitive Screening

On its sixth edition, the ANIMAGE festival has received 611 entries of short films, from 52 countries, for its Competitive Screening. Of this amount, 77 productions were selected for the curators Nara Normande, Tião and Renata Claus to be part of the competition this year.

According to Tião, filmmaker and one of the curators of the event, the international filmmakers are significantly looking to be part of ANIMAGE. “When we are participating in other international festivals and we meet animation filmmakers, many of them already know the ANIMAGE and show interest in having their films selected for our Competitive Screening”, reveals. When it comes to the selection of works for the Competitive Screening this year, Tião explains that they could maintain the line of the curators by “valuing strong films that run away from the conventional, bringing productions marked by the authorial work”.

And after a week of sessions divided between the Cinema da Fundação and Caixa Cultural, the ANIMAGE has revealed this Saturday (27) on its closing ceremony at the Cinem São Luiz the great winners of this edition. The best productions were chosen through a jury of experts that included the Brazilian Alê Abreu, director of the film “The Boy and The World”; the Portuguese artist Regina Pessoa, filmmaker who made “Kali, The Little Vampire” and the Canadian Chris Robinson, artistic director and curator of the Ottawa International Festival.

The great winner of this edition was the short film “Somewhere”, which won the awards of Best Direction and the Great ANIMAGE Prize. Directed by the Canadian settled in London, Nicolas Ménard, the short film presents an conflicting astronaut when taking off to another world leaves part of himself at home. Also talking about a trip to outer space is the short film “We Can’t Live Without Cosmos”, by the Russian Konstantin Bronzit, awarded as Best Screenplay by presenting a duo of cosmonauts, childhood friends who leave to a training to be in orbit. The touching short film by Bronzit was also in the audience’s good books because it was chosen by them as the Best Short Film as the Audience’s Choice.

Two Brazilian filmmakers deserve a highlight this year: Diego Akel, from Ceará and Wesley Rodrigues, from Goiás. Akel has received the Special Mention of the Jury by “Fluxos”, a production that started last year inspired by a workshop the producer participated on the previous edition of the ANIMAGE festival with the Polish Izabela Plucinska. Wesley Rodrigues’ “Viagem na Chuva” came as a graduation project at FAV-UFG to circle the world around and take the award of Best Brazilian Film of the ANIMAGE.

Check all the winners of the Competitive Screening this year:

  1. Best Art: “Laznia”| Dir: Tomek Ducki (Poland, 2013)
  2. Best Sound: “Pilots On the Way Home” | Dir: Priit e Olga Parn (Canada/Estonia, 2014)
  3. Best Technique: “The Bigger Picture” | Dir: Daisy Jacob (United Kingdom, 2014)
  4. Best Screenplay: “We Can’t Live Without Cosmos” | Dir: Konstantin Bronzit (Russia, 2014)
  5. Best Direction: “Somewhere”| Dir: Nicolas Ménard (Reino Unido, 2013)
  6. Best Short Film – Audience Award: “We Can’t Live Without Cosmos” | Dir: Konstantin Bronzit (Russia, 2014)
  7. Best Children Film: “La Petite Casserole D’Anatole” | Dir: Eric Montchaud (França, 2014)
  8. Special Mention Of The Jury for Brazilian Film: “Fluxos” | Dir: Diego Akel (Brasil, 2014)
  9. Best Brazilian Film: “Viagem na Chuva” |Dir: Wesley Rodrigues (Brazil, 2014)
  10. Best Film –  Great ANIMAGE Prize: “Somewhere”| Dir: Nicolas Ménard (Reino Unido, 2013)